The Juice on Juicing

The Juice on Juicing

Juicing for good health is easy; it should be part of our lives!  We love juicing because there are so many wonderful health and wellbeing benefits.  You’ll glow inside and out, you’ll exuberate great health, your energy levels will rise as you’ll have a renewed zest for life as your body joyfully flushes out all those toxins as it soaks in all those health giving nutrients.


When we say juicing though we don’t mean just fruits – we want the majority to be vegetables with some fruits to sweeten.  Often for people who don’t enjoy, like or say they don’t have time for breakfast it’s a perfect start to the day.  It helps start our metabolism for the day, pumps nutrients like the vitamins & minerals from the vegetables into our bodies, energises us and helps our skin and bodies glow with health.


So it’s time to jump for juice joy and find out why so many people are already enjoying the habit of juicing:


      Juicing is nutritious, natural and wait for it …. very easy to do!  Just imagine all the goodness from raw vegetables and fruit going straight into your system.  Oh - that’s natural, nutritional goodness for you

      Fresh, organic juices provide essential vitamins and minerals that beat fatigue and boost the immune system leaving you feeling on top of the world

      Homemade juices guarantee you have no hidden additives or preservatives and from the moment you wake up and juice, your body is getting a fully blown hit of nutrients and antioxidants right from the get go

      You’ll start the day on a natural high, not a caffeine one!

      Vegetables and fruits fight free radicals. Free radicals are generated by toxins (e.g. smoke and air pollutants) and they put our cells at a higher risk of ill health and diseases.  Adding in extra, fresh nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants helps your body keep a healthy balance

      As holistic health care providers we know many people who start off with juicing and then very quickly eradicate over drinking, smoking and eating poorly.  This is because they’re doing so well at one end and they don’t want to ruin it at the other.  So it’s a full 360% towards better health and wellbeing.


When it’s time to detox and revitalize, one of favourite juices for liver detoxing includes celery, cucumber, beetroot, green apple and carrot. We spend so much time scrubbing away at the outside of our bodies we should actually be spending more time on the inside by giving it a big internal clean.  A regular juice detox plan can help cleanse the blood and tissues, and provides essential nutrients for good health.


Here are a few liver detox ingredients and why they are great for detoxing and internal cleansing:


Cucumber is rich in folic acid and vitamin C with small amounts of B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6

Celery also contains the same as cucumber but also Vitamin E (very good for the skin)

Beetroot and carrot are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, with small amounts of copper, iron and zinc


When you want to find out what each vitamin and nutrient is good for come and talk to us.  You might have an important date coming up in 2017 and we can get you looking and feeling amazing!  If you just want to feel more energy and on top of things in the New Year we’d love to help you out with that too.


So if you haven’t tried juicing we strongly encourage you to.  You will feel totally healthy and they’re simply delicious.  If you have anything specific health and wellbeing wise you want to find out more about, visit us at because we love helping people get the most out of every day.

Serina Gardner Posted by Serina Gardner

Hi I’m Serina, I am a medical herbalist and naturopath.

I began creating skincare with my sister when I was 9 years old, trying our best to make wonderful smelling perfumes, however sadly for us they never quite came out the way we envisioned!  

The love for making my own skincare however grew and through my teen years I made all of my own hair and body masks and what ever else I could find recipes for. 

By my late teens-early twenties, I was working in a natural skin care shop helping the customers and training the other staff in the benefits of essential oils for therapeutic purposes and the beneficial uses in skincare.

I continued to follow my passion by making oil based skincare in 2006 that I used throughout my pregnancy, and this created the basis of the products I sell today.  

In my late twenties I decided to return to school and complete my Bachelor of Natural Medicine, qualifying me to become a naturopath and a medical herbalist. Partly I did this to continue my love of natural skincare but also to help people with a holistic approach to their health. 

Today with my long-time passionate love affair with natural skincare, I incorporate helping people gain insights towards incorporating better nutrition into their life. I show them how important it is to support your internal organs, as well as your skin. I now see clients as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist helping people explore the possibilities of what glowing health internally and externally is really about. 

My passion still lies with skin, but now it includes the link with digestive health.  

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do, and if you would like to book a Naturopathy or Medical Herbalist appointment to help support your body to optimal health please contact me. or +64 0274 716 571