What Nasty Chemicals Are Lurking in Your Skincare and Personal Care Products?

What Nasty Chemicals Are Lurking in Your Skincare and Personal Care Products?

What Nasty Chemicals Are Lurking in Your Skincare and Personal Care Products?


Once you see this Information you can’t un-see it and we’re sharing this for a reason – because we care about you and your family’s health and wellbeing.


We know there’s so much information floating around out there about what’s good for you and what’s not good for you it’s hard not to get tired by it all.


We’re bombarded about the reasons why too much sugar is bad for you and how low fat foods are full of chemicals so we’re completely empathetic why you don’t want to be told another “don’t”.  But I’m afraid if you care as much as we do about your holistic health and wellbeing we can’t ignore telling you what we know. Chemicals in skin care is no-go as far as we are concerned.


We’re extremely proud of our Nourishe Skincare range which only uses superior natural ingredients that really do the job without any nasty chemicals or toxins. Our natural skin care is one of the finest skin care ranges out there.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the most widely used ingredients and contaminants in our bid to help you avoid them as much as you can and the reasons why.


Methyl-, Propyl-, Butyl0 and Ethyl-Paraben Found in shampoo, conditioner, skincare, sunscreen and other personal care products.  Why are they harmful? For starters they’re chemicals and they are associated with organ system toxicity and can cause allergic reactions.


Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly It’s a moisturising agent but not a very healthy one and this one fact should put you off it altogether – it’s a byproduct of petroleum refining.  Yuk! And the health risk associated with this nasty – cancer.


Parabens Found in a variety of personal care and skin care products. The bad news is (and let’s face it, all chemicals in personal care and skin care products is bad news) parabens are a whole list of chemicals grouped under this one title.  Maybe that’s been done on purpose.  I mean let’s be logic; if you look at a label that reads parabens it may seem harmless but if you saw a big long, long list with words like ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben and the list goes on and on of course your common sense would kick in and scream – WHAT?  Associated with parabens as you would expect is a long list of health concerns and the most at risk are pregnant women and young children.  And if someone wants more proof why has Denmark successfully banned it in cosmetic products for children up to 3 years of age?


In our follow up article we’ll list a few more nasties you need to look out for and whilst we are standing on our soapbox I’m afraid you can’t ignore what you know is wrong.  Just like plastics are polluting our environment so too are all these nasty chemicals and toxins polluting our bodies.  The reason Nourishe Skincare is so beneficial is because we would never, ever use or promote personal care products that contain any sort of chemical or toxin because for one you don’t need to and for two they’re like a poison!


For those of you still struggling to come to terms with all natural skin care because of price point the difference is quality products go a long long way so you get lots more bang for your buck there too.


Take our word for it and we want you to literally.  We want you to call us and tell us what you currently use and we’ll share our expert and professional knowledge and expertise to tell you what we think you should be using.  We never judge but we tell you one thing; our holistic health care is one of the best and we’re not too proud to admit it.  Visit us today on www.nourisheskincare.co.nz 


Serina Gardner Posted by Serina Gardner

Hi I’m Serina, I am a medical herbalist and naturopath.

I began creating skincare with my sister when I was 9 years old, trying our best to make wonderful smelling perfumes, however sadly for us they never quite came out the way we envisioned!  

The love for making my own skincare however grew and through my teen years I made all of my own hair and body masks and what ever else I could find recipes for. 

By my late teens-early twenties, I was working in a natural skin care shop helping the customers and training the other staff in the benefits of essential oils for therapeutic purposes and the beneficial uses in skincare.

I continued to follow my passion by making oil based skincare in 2006 that I used throughout my pregnancy, and this created the basis of the products I sell today.  

In my late twenties I decided to return to school and complete my Bachelor of Natural Medicine, qualifying me to become a naturopath and a medical herbalist. Partly I did this to continue my love of natural skincare but also to help people with a holistic approach to their health. 

Today with my long-time passionate love affair with natural skincare, I incorporate helping people gain insights towards incorporating better nutrition into their life. I show them how important it is to support your internal organs, as well as your skin. I now see clients as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist helping people explore the possibilities of what glowing health internally and externally is really about. 

My passion still lies with skin, but now it includes the link with digestive health.  

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do, and if you would like to book a Naturopathy or Medical Herbalist appointment to help support your body to optimal health please contact me.

info@nourisheskincare.co.nz or +64 0274 716 571